Hallo, I am Riman Lambase. In 2002 years ago, I studied in elementary school  at Sdn Inpres Paisubuloli. At that time my age was 6 years old and I looked tiny. I got many friends there. One day, the senior said to us at the water closed (WC)  was spooky so that we who entered so frightened if there areat wc.
            6 years later I studied in junior high school at SMP N 2 Batui. At that time it was just flood, it made many mud in all school rooms. Because that, our orientation new student, teacher commanded to us for cleaning all mud who there are in every room. Because mud too, we couldn’t go to the field school because mud would close our foot and our shoes. After 3 years through studying at junior high school I will study in a higher level that is senior high school.

            In july 19th 2011 ago i registered at SMK Negeri 1 Luwuk and SMA Negeri 3 Luwuk. After that I attended exam in that schools. After that SMA Negeri 3 Luwuk announce and otherwise me don’t pass. I waited again the announcement from SMK Negeri 1 Luwuk. I hope, i could enter at favourite school in Luwuk city. Some day later, i saw the announcement, my name otherwise passed. After passing, I attended orientation new student after orientation new student, I attended learn and teach proccess in vocation high school.
            After graduated from vocation high school, in 2014 year ago I will study in a university, at that time I registed through SBMPTN track, I choiced major of Accounting Economy at Universitas Tadulako at Palu, Accounting  at Universitas Negeri Gorontalo and Sastra Inggris at Universitas Indonesia at Depok. But, after attended  the exam I otherwise in Universitas Negeri Gorontalo, it made me happy. After that we have to re-register at BAAK-PSI, athat time many people who re-registered. So that we jostle one another.
That is my experience. How about you? J
Thank You.
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Riman Lambase

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